Our Story

It was Spring 2012. Isaac was attending pharmacy school in Denver. Soojin was living in New York City. They were living thousands of miles apart, but were brought through a series of events that started on the evening of Friday, March 16.

Isaac was on spring break and flew into New York early Friday morning with his best friend James. On their first night in the city, they met their friends at a small Korean restaurant called Boka on St Marks Place. Soojin was already on her way home when she got news that James was in town and decided to stop by. She knew many of Isaac’s oldest and closest friends, and he knew many of hers, but somehow they had never met before.

Isaac was interested in Soojin from the moment they met, but she had no idea. He wanted to get to know her, but he was only in New York for the weekend. As fate would have it, they were both invited to their friends’ wedding in LA the following weekend.

 Isaac could not wait to see Soojin again and looked forward to the wedding all week. He knew he only had the weekend with her before he had to go back to Denver and decided to make the most of it.  As soon as Soojin landed in LA and turned on her phone, she had a text from Isaac waiting for her. They spent the weekend together and stayed up talking in Soojin’s car until 4 am. At the end of the weekend, they were once again separated by thousands of miles but continued to talk, text, and see each other through FaceTime every night for the next two months. Once Isaac realized she was “the one,” he knew he had to visit her and planned a trip to New York. This trip officially marked the beginning of their relationship. They had their first date at Otto Enoteca on a beautiful Sunday evening in May. (To this day, they continue this tradition by having dinner at new restaurant every Sunday as their weekly date night.)

 For the next year and a half they continued their long-distance relationship with countless flights and hours spent in airports. Finally, Isaac decided to pop the question and he secretly flew into LA on October 25, 2013. With the help of Glen and Hanna, he was able to sneak into Soojin’s apartment and set up his “New York in LA” proposal while she was at the movies. She was so surprised to see her apartment transformed when she opened the door that she ran back outside to ask Hanna what was going on! Isaac took her through all their photos and memories from New York and then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!